: Problem getting parts

07-22-05, 05:30 PM
Living in a disposable society is a disgrace! Case and point:

1. Had to replace my whole sunroof because the outside trim was bad. GM does not sell just the outer trim.

2. Now my center console latch is bad. In order to get a new latch I have to buy the whole lid at an outrageous price. It is just a small, easily relaced latch.

Shame on GM for being so wastefull and making the loyal consumer a victim.

07-30-05, 06:14 PM
I agree with this issue. My situation is that I have a '92 Seville in need of a few key parts, such as, a motor for the trunk, a headlamp assembly for the left side w/ a support mount and a hood.

Instead of taking it to the dealer and getting gouged to the third degree by dealers that don't care about the product, just their bottomline, I decided to do it myself.

I'm finding prices that are above the usual market price, and going to the dealer for them, forget it! :annoyed:

I recently got my hands on a wheel hub assembly for a bargain at $127.00. All the other places around here, have them for that much before taxes. I have a headlamp assembly priced at 320.00 right now. The hood is going to run me about 500.00 or so. But if I had the dealer to do the work, they'd cost me about $2000.00, plus labor! The damage isn't even that bad for crying out loud!

For a '92, I should be able to get parts for it much cheaper than I'm having to pay for them right now and some of the stuff I end up buying, I don't even need.

All I got to say is, thank god for AC Delco.....