: what's a reasonable price to ask for stock V headers, cats and o2 sensors

07-22-05, 04:52 PM
I have the stock headers, cats and O2 sensors.. I was going to gut the cats and throw them in... but I've decided to go with the aftermarket route.


parts have maybe 4,000 miles on them.

07-22-05, 04:53 PM
well...I gave my stock manifolds to the shop that installed my headers, and they promptly put them in their scrap metal pile for recycling.
IMO they are worth jack and sh!t :D

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07-22-05, 05:43 PM

07-22-05, 06:00 PM
ok coo... i'll keep them.

07-22-05, 06:05 PM
The O2 sensors are worth saving. The rest is scrap iron unless one wants to return the car to stock someday such as trading the car in and the aftermarket exhaust has zero value.