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07-22-05, 04:41 PM
One thing that we missed when trading in our Saab 9-5 for the SRX was the lack of rear heated seats, especially since there are no rear climate controls for heat. I purchased a retrofit kit from over the Internet for a couple hundred bucks, and had a high-end stereo shop in the Seattle area (Ben's Car Audio in Auburn -- great people) do the install for around another six hundred bucks. We have the DVD entertainment system, and they built a custom plate that goes in the little cubby over the cigarette lighters in the back, and mounted the switches on that. It looks completely stock and professional. And the seats heat up fast! I'll see if I can take some pictures if people are interested. I'm very impressed!

07-22-05, 05:02 PM
Here are a few pics!

07-28-10, 04:52 PM
Looks great! Where did you buy the retrofit heaters from? Did the shop have to tear apart the seats?

07-28-10, 05:02 PM
Oh yes, do show us the details. I am more concern with the 3rd row being cold then the 2nd row, cause 2nd row still have the heat coming out of the floor, I think.

07-28-10, 07:09 PM
We bought the seats from heaterseat.com. For the second row, you need narrow heater elements -- the 9-inch wide type. When we bought them, they only had the "motorcycle" variety, which is what we went with, but they also have non-motorcycle elements, too (although they look the same to me).

I used Ben's Car Audio in Auburn WA to install them. Basically, he told me that they removed the seats, separated the back from the bottom, and slid the elements into the bottom. If you live in the Seattle region, Ben's is the way to go.

We live in Phoenix now, and I can recommend AutoSpa in Mesa off Baseline for this type of work, too.

07-28-10, 11:05 PM
Miked.....I think heating the rear seats in the SRX is a really dumb idea. When my wife and I go out with our friends, they always want us to drive because they enjoy the SRX so much. It has become a repetitive, annoying hassle. And they even refuse to remove their shoes before getting in the car on those slushy winter days, tracking a bunch of crud into my car.

Heating the rear seats would only make matters worse. :D

Professor Wizard
07-29-10, 04:06 PM
Yea... my Audi 1998 A6 Quatro, My 2001 Audo Allroad and my 2003 BMW 325 Convertible, had Heated Rear Seats... Those were a very nice function for the people in the back during the winter. Of course, GM didn't think the SRX needed such an option - along with Bluetooth, iPod Hookup or Auto-dimming Right Rear mirror.

Anyway - nice install job - but it wouldn't work like that in mine as I have the Entertainment system. but I'm sure there are other places for the switches. :) Thanks for sharing that!

I figure, with today technology, they would cool the seats as well... like they do in a Hyundai. or Volkswagon Beetle.

PJ.. . Just fart a lot when those annoying friends are in the car. Problem solved!