: 1993 Cadillac Sedan de Ville

07-22-05, 03:17 PM
Pros:Big interior, Powerful V8, cushy ride, comfortable seats, some technology features, power seats, good radio, electronic climate control, great highway cruiser, good gas mileage for a 4600 lb car, electronic fuel center

Cons: ac goes out and only blows air not cold or hot, power trunk closer, load leveling suspension in the rear gets leaks easy and runs the compresor every now and then

The 93 de Ville is personally one of my favorite years, besides the 58 Elderado Brougham. It has a fairly powerful push-rod 4.9 litre V-8. 200bhp & 275 lbs/ft of torque. It weighs about 4686-lbs GVWR. It has speed sensitive suspension, ans speed sensitive steering, with load leveling suspension in the rear. Mine has tracton control that uses the brakes to control slipage. This was an option in 93. It also has the security package, which is the keyless entry. This also deletes the trunk mounted door unlock button.

Mine also has the illuminated entry system which was an option. The 93 has a power hand brake that automatically takes off the hand brake when you put in gear. The 93 also has lamp monitors on ether side of the hood and also inside car above the inside brake light. The outside ones tell you your lights, brights and corresponding turn signal are working. And the ones inside tell you your brake lights are working. The rearview mirror is an automatic day/night mirror that brightens the image in the mirror during the day, and darkens it at night.

In 93 a power garage door opener, digital speedomitor, moonroof, vanity mirrors, windshield defroster glovebox mounted power gas tanke opener, delco-bose gold edition tape player, or a delco bose cd-player, and traction control were the listed options available on the 93 devilles, they also offered the phaeton roof, which was that special cloth roof. The 93 has an Electronic Climate Control which I love.

The engine area is a little small for that big V-8, and as such has little room in which to work with if you wish to work on the car yourself. That is what I like to do, and love about this car. This is a car with everything computer controled, ,and yet you can still work on it yourself. Very easy to do in fact. never have any trouble changing the oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, fuel injectors, and so on. That is why I prefer my 93 over my 99.

All in all i am very impressed with cadillac. And yes Im 16 and not as old or have had much exsperiance working on other cars, but I have been around them for a while and know my stuff. Especially on cadillacs. This is a car I will always love and work to it working. And another thing I like is the owners book that comes with it. It is very nicely put together. Has pictures of older cadillacs, has the Penalty Of Leadership written on wax paper, and hasnt fallen apart like my 99 has. And the leather on the book fells soft and looks great.

This is a car you want to cruise in. Just kick back and cruise. But it has enough power to keep up with and pass the traffic. Even though the 93 lets in more road noise because of not having a chassis as stiff as the 94 and up. But it looks better with the crome bumper, and the more squared front end with the two little bumber extentions. And the 93 has nicer crome work and the very helpful lamp moniters. It may have more road noise, but it looks better in my oppinion than the 94-99 year models. And I have a 99 so I can say that.

08-16-05, 11:13 PM
Sorry I don't have any pictures yet. My 93 is a cotillion white with the dark blue leather. Basically Cadillac came with lots of goodies in 93 standard, such as the computer diagnostics the pass key 2, and 6-way power seats. But i found out that leather was a $570 option and the cast aluminum lace wheels were a $235 option. The base price in 93 for a de Ville, which is french for of town so basically it's a sedan of town, or a town car in french, is $32,990 and that includes the lifetime Road Service, which after warranty costs some, but not a lot, of money.

When you bought the car a sales professional would take you on an "introductory drive" and go over the equipment in your car. It also came with a owners manual, maintance book, a video tape, a Gold Key Ownership Experiance book, and the fancy box that was delivered in. It also came with a plastic key for emergency if you locked your self out. The EPA gave a vehicle class of large, and as such gave a fuel rating ranging from 10 to 20 mpg city, and 13 to 28 highway. The actual EPA rating is 16 city, 25 highway.

Some Cadillacs were used in the Masters golf tournament and then sold, like mine, so that knocked off at least $5,000 when some body bought it. All in all Cadillac offered a great car a great price if you got a Masters Caddy.

12-19-07, 02:06 PM
Sorry, I have to point out an error in your review. These are NOT 4600lb cars, they are actually only around 3600lbs due to the extensive fibreglass used in the bodies. But this is why the 4.9 feels so ballsy >:)