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07-22-05, 11:23 AM
I have a 96 Eldorado....several months ago I was told I had a blown head gasket....replaced the engine which I was told came out of wrecked car and the engine was in good shape....after it was installed it too ran hot and was told it too may have a blown head gasket...so I'm back to the old engine....I'm going to have a machinist look at the old engine to check the heads, so I need instructions on how to replace the timeserts...can anyone help or does anyone know where I can go to get these instructions...thanks

07-22-05, 12:05 PM
Look in the tech tips section, right above this section, for the Head Gasket thread.

There is a link to another site that has a write up on timeserting a block.

07-22-05, 05:12 PM
You don't replace Timeserts. You install them. They don't come from the factory with them so don't be shocked when you take the heads off and there are none there. Instructions should come with the kit. Quick and dirty, you bolt on a drilling jig, dril out the old threads, tap new ones and screw in the insert, move on to the next hole. The following thread has pictures of the proccess. http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=4796&hl=res

07-24-05, 07:58 PM
If one expects to remove the heads again at a later date, do you think studs with Timeserts would be a better option?

07-24-05, 08:58 PM
The heads are installed with highly engineered torque-to-yield bolts. This is not to be modified casually.

07-24-05, 09:05 PM
Possibly, but why? It would cost substantially more and there is no kit available. The question has come up but so far no one seems to have researched what studs, torque specs, etc. The bolts haven't been the problem and unless you plan on removing heads regularly there isn't much benefit.