: V goes to dealer - Laundry List.......

07-21-05, 08:54 PM
That right, next week my baby goes under the knife. Just waiting for the new rear bushings to come in. Here's the list:

1) Install Supplementary Rear Sub-frame Bushings - TSB
2) Reflash PCM - Recall
*then PCM get's mailed back to StealthV
3) Difficulty shifting into first and pops out of gear - Just started doing
this one
4) Clutch pedal stays to the floor under hard acceleration - TSB
5) Significant rear end whine - best observed in 5th gear at 40-45 mph
*frankly the exhaust drowns out just about everything so the fact
that I can hear it says a lot
6) "Clunk" in driveline again - bushing most likely gone again
7) Activate alarm - TSB
8) Tighten Parking brake - it's on the floor
9) Install B&M short shifter - I'd do it myself, but with the issues I'm already
having with the original shifter I thought I'd better not touch it.
10) Install new two-tone shifter boot.

I must admist I have a great Tech' though. After I argue through my warranty claims and they finally agree to fix, my Tech does one hell of a job.

07-21-05, 08:59 PM
Also forgot to mention. I receive my K&N dry charger today. It's just a cover but the call it a dry charger. Anyway part no. RF-1034DR fits like a glove. "DR" denotes the red one, but they come in black, yellow and blue as well. I'm kinda partial to red. Had to cancel my spare K&N filter from PACE. Emailed my yesterday to say two more weeks to receive. I ordered on July 2nd. I think that's plenty of time to perform, so I cancelled. I believe the Air Cleaner part no. to be RF-1040 in case anyone wants a spare. :thumbsup: