: GM... the next 30 months

07-21-05, 12:30 PM
This is an article out of Ward's Auto World. Speaks of the new CTS as well as the new focus on interiors. Looks very promising...

07-21-05, 12:33 PM
I have this as a 740 x 1020 image, but it wouldn't upload. Says max image file is 800 x 600 and I didn't want to rotate the image. It's hard enough to read at that size vertically

07-21-05, 01:04 PM
Send it to Reed, He'll post the big image on the FAQ and put a link back in this thread.

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Glad I could help ;)

07-21-05, 03:20 PM
*remains skeptical*

Let's see what hits the streets and how well it's designed when it's actually in production.

07-21-05, 03:57 PM
*remains skeptical*

Let's see what hits the streets and how well it's designed when it's actually in production.

Production, that's a key word in your sentence too. Let's see how well it's produced - quality, quality, quality.

07-21-05, 08:26 PM
The problems GM will face in the future are not with the cars it builds but with its dealer network. When I recently went car shopping I went to 3 different Cadillac dealers and drove three different V's. Not one of the salespeople knew anything about the V, not one had its NAV DVD installed nor was the NAV system ever mentioned. I was never shown any of the features in the car we simply went for a test drive and they gave me a quote, thats it. In fact at one dealership of the 3 V's on the lot 2 had dead batteries, including the one I was interested in so I had to drive something else. In contrast when I went to drive the new GS430 the salesman took me to the showroom display and took about 15 minutes taking me thorough NAV simulations and showed me all the features of the car and how they differed from the old one. I ended up buying the V because with the employee discount and cash back the lease deal was just too sweet to pass up. Selling cars that way, you don't make any money that is why GM is reporting so much red ink; if not for the discounts I would not have purchased it. Since delivery I had four problems; dead battery, dash squeak, steering vibration and clunk. The dealer changed the battery I had to end up fixing the squeak myself they knew nothing about the clunk the info for which I got on this site and I had to pay an outside shop to fine the source of the vibration (bad tire) which the dealer will now replace. I have spent $200 out of my pocket to solve problems they are not competent enough to diagnose. I won't buy another GM product although I LOVE the car; I just can't stand the hassles at the dealer level. I have had 2 BMW's and a Lexus most recently and they far surpass GM in customer service. The dealers are writing the umemployment tickets for the workers sure to be layed off in the future and that is a shame.