: Something For Stoney.....

07-21-05, 03:48 AM
http://www.thecarconnection.com/Shoppers/Cargirl/Cargirl_Tuning_In_to_Danica_Patrick.S189.A8912.htm l

07-21-05, 06:00 PM
In a sport where the only women on the victory stand are the ones dispensing trophies and kisses, it will be interesting to see who presents Danica with her trophy and her kiss.

Isn't it about time Tony George started auditioning trophy boys?

Dear Tony George ,

I would like to be the trophy boy the kisses danica patrick when she wins the 2006 Indy 500. I would also like to be the man who hands danica the cermonial bottle of milk. I will also drive the pace car and would like to run my Cadillac for four laps around your speedway. I ask this not only as a fan of danica but as a long time attendee of the 500 (ive been to 14 of them).

The Revrend Stoneage_Caddy

07-21-05, 08:17 PM
Dear Revrend Stoneage_Caddy,

Thank you for your recent correspondence. We were pleased to hear from a long time fan and have considered your generous offer. However, at this time we will not require your assistance. For security reasons though we have contacted the Tampa Police Department in order to assist us in a security background check and your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Do not be alarmed at their request for your accompaniment to the station for a special interview nor should you worry about the use of hand restraints, I am told this is merely standard procedure for transportation of civilians in official vehicles.
By all means, feel free to contact us prior to your future attendance of a function in our facility as we would be please to make special arrangements for your arrival.
Once again, it has been a pleasure.
Best regards,

Joe E. Gabino
Head of Security

07-21-05, 08:18 PM


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07-22-05, 07:37 PM
Dear Mr Gambino

Thanks for extending your most heartfelt response to my request. Unforetunaly the tampa police caught me in the bathtub , making the secuirty check a bit awkward to say the least. But they were surpiseing gentle with the rubber gloves. In this day in age of terror i can definatly see why this was nessesary. But I am afird a mistake was made in your call to Tampa PD. You see there is this "restraining order" telling me in supposed to stay 100 yards from Danica. Im not sure how im supposed to kiss her from that distance.

As for coming to Indy im also afraid thats going to be more of a challange , in addition to that order the FAA contacted me to tell me i was on a "no fly list". So i will have to drive my car up there. So hopefully you can arrage suitable parking for my cadillac and accomidations for me.

On a personal note i would like to know if your related ot the gambino crime family. If so please accept the condolences of my "family" on the events of the past few years.

Warmest Regards,
Revrend Stoneage_Caddy