: Testimony to A Great Ride

11-10-03, 07:43 PM
My 2004 CTS Luxury Sport (1SC) "Blue Chip" is my 49th new car and finest ride. Included among my former best loved vehicles are a 1966 and 1968 GTO (both purchased new) an '81 Vette, a '92 Vette, a '95 Trans Am, 3 DeVilles, 1 Eldorado, 3 Bonneville SSEI's and a 1969 Grand Prix with a 428. Just traded a 2001 Aurora which was a VERY good car but this CTS has them all beat when you combine quality, styling and performance. A real treat to drive. I live in SW Florida so I have a lot of great days to drive without weather problems. I've added a few touches including 3" dual chrome exhaust tips. Never have I had so many compliments on the appearance of a car.
Based on recent sales figures more people are discovering this car on a daily basis. Disappointed the auto writers haven't really discovered the significant upgrades on the '04 such as the all new 3.6 VVT (REGULAR fuel), Accoustic enhancements, ride improvement, lumbar controls, braking improvements and a significant Auto Trans. recalibration. The CTS-V is capturing all the attention and I understand why (NOTHING beats sheer horsepower) but production will be limited. The mainstream sales will continue to be the standard version and that is more than sufficient to please all but the most discriminating driver. :cool:

the Sandman
11-10-03, 07:57 PM
Hey hapyctser - Welcome to the CadillacForums! I'm glad you've found us - with your background I'm sure there's no end to what we could learn from you. It sounds like you really love your new CTS. Is it so good you won't be buying a 50th car?

Thanks for registering...I hope to see you on the Board often!