View Full Version : camber in bald tires

07-20-05, 10:50 PM
:rant2: so at about 3500 miles on my v, and I think ok maybe I need the tire rotated but I notice the rears are both already down to the were bars so I decide its to late I don't want those tires on the front of the car so figure I need to take it easy on the rears for now. now I am changing the oil for the second time, and I decide that I need to check the alignment on the rear at my local shop no need to put the car on the rack its obvious the camber is out as far as it can go not only that but I can tell it moved or was moved due to the paint were the bolt was I got an appointment with dealer on wed for free alignment job and new tires for the now nearly baled tires will see how they respond to the new tires.

07-20-05, 11:54 PM
I'm in the same boat at 2900 miles:annoyed: Both lower bolts looked to have moved all the way in?? I guess this would account for the uneven wear.... I know Goodyears suck..... but I got 25,000 miles out of a set of BFG's on my old Rustang that I drove HARD....:hmm: