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07-20-05, 02:47 PM
For the ones that don't know : he's the CTS-VR Driver #8. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Limerock a few weeks ago. Awesome dude!!! But even more, he's there for his fans. I went to his web site and ordered a 1:18 scale rep. of his car, the day after the race. Then I e-mailed him and said remember us from Limerock, I just ordered from your web site. He said, I will sign it when I get back from out West. I just got the model in the mail. It is awesome, signed by him, to my wife and daughter, and there day at Limerock together.:thumbsup: He is a man, doing a wonderful job for GM and doing an even better job for people. So if your looking for a special gift, have a son, daughter, wife, husband, or friend, that has to have their own V. U can save about 50k, not including the savings on rear tires, at andypilgram.com it worked for me. :shhh:

07-20-05, 03:03 PM
Just think how much faster they would be if the car was not black. lol

07-20-05, 03:04 PM

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07-20-05, 03:51 PM
Very Cool! One of my business partners used to race with Andy years ago.... so when he introduced me to Pilgrim at Laguna Seca last year... I just about melted. He runs into the trailer... and comes out with V shirts, posters, cards and signs them all for me. WHAT A GUY!! I can't wait to see him again this year at Portland and Laguna.....at Portland, I'm going to ask him to sign my Cadillac engine cover. =))

07-20-05, 04:03 PM
:drinker I'm happy to read your post, he did the same for us, made us feel part of the family: ) He made the day at the track, a special day at the track ! Hats off to him :thumbsup: