: Sarant Cadillac Sucks!!!

07-20-05, 12:58 AM
I am here to bash SARANT CADILLAC. Check my previous post...they screwed me. Palmala was the salesMAN. She/he lied to my face. F*ck SARANT CADILLAC.
Jim Phlum.....your my last hope. Fix my car that your company delivered in a shit condition. OR I WILL FOREVER BASH YOU AND SARANT CADILLAC!!!:banghead:

DON'T MAKE ME CALL JERRY GRUER(break dance champion)of Maroone!!!

03-08-11, 10:20 AM
I agree. They are the worst.

03-15-11, 06:35 AM
That sucks man.. I am thinking about buying Cadillac and now I know who to avoid :/