: 95 Cadillac Seville Northstar 4.6 V8 Swap...

07-19-05, 09:12 AM
Into a 1988 Cadillac Seville? I will be able to get the ECM computer as well as any other necessary parts. Has anyone had any experience with this? Is this a feasible option for my 88 Seville? I'm looking for any and all advice any of you can provide. Thank you all, in advance. :worship:

DT :suspense:

07-20-05, 12:14 AM
Tremendous amount of work..... It will fit but you will have to fabricate lots of parts and have special drive axles made, etc.... It would be far less expensive to just buy a car with a Northstar in it from the factory.

Getting the dash electronics to work with the PCM from the Northstar is virtually impossible so you will loose most all of that function.

You will need to change the whole fuel system for the higher pressures of the port fuel system. You will need all the wiring from the donor car as there is no single wiring harness for the engine/trans. All the wiring is integrated into the car harnesses. Make sure and get the VATS module from the donor car so that the PCM will run the engine as it needs so communicate with the VATS module.

All in all, this is a difficult project. Mechanically it is possible but will take a lot of work as nothing will simply bolt together. The electronics are what makes it so much harder.