: Complaint letter to dealer

07-19-05, 08:31 AM
Complaint letter to dealer:
Brett Chevrolet Cadillac
183 Rothesay Avenue,
Saint John, NB E2L 3T5
Tel. : 506-634-5555
Fax : 506-634-5551
To the Service manager,
My Service rep was Andrew.
I have a service complaint... My 94 Deville was recently in your shop to have the pipe that goes from the water pump to the heater core replaced. I was quoted two hours labor and $68.00 for the part. When I was told the car was ready I was told it took six hours. Raising the bill to over $400.00, well I paid it. Then just two days later the cooling system was leaking again. I got the car back to your shop. I was told it was another part and that in order to repair it would require removing the engine taking at least 20 hours labor. I couldn't imagine having to "drop the engine out" to fix a water pump inlet leak. I felt like I was being setup to be ripped off so I paid another $100.00 to have it towed to my home. In about half an hour I had the radiator and AC condenser out and could touch and see anything that could possibly leak, including the pipe that took six hours to replace, more like a two hour repair, even for me and I'm not a mechanic. Why would any reputable Cadillac dealer try to pull a stunt like this. As the owner of three Cadillac Devilles let me say that I am very displeased with being treated like this.

A copy of this complaint is being forwarded to GM and to www.cadillacforums.com