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07-19-05, 08:15 AM
I recently had my Eldorado serviced for the Solenoid A & B (code PO29) failure. The mechanic did the job and he said that the transmission worked for about 20 minutes and then failed with the same codes. Looking at some of the previous postings, it seems that this is a common occurance. I was upset that he had kept my car for 9 days and could not get it fixed, so I attempted to do it myself. When I took the pan off, I found that the filter on the valve body was sticking out and there was no bracket. I had ordered the solenoid kit and I replaced everything as per the instructions in past threads (thanks to everyone involved), but I have one last issue before I put everything back. When I dropped the valve body, I drainded some of the excess ATF fluid into a bucket. In the process, I heard something fall into the bucket and I found a metal ball about 1/8 inch in diameter. This ball does not seem to be part of the check-balls in the valve assembly because all were present when I removed the split. Can anyone please tell me if there are any other check-balls that I may have not accounted for or if that ball may have come from another part of the transmission?

07-19-05, 10:44 AM
If you search my postings, I had the same problem when i replaced my selonoids. The ball just sets in the pan. Im just curious did you put the L clamp in. When i replaced my selonoids, i didn't put the L clamp in, I figured because it wasn't there before i didn't need it. I drove the car for about 10 minutes and had the same problem. So I had to go back in and put the clamp in.

07-19-05, 11:57 AM
I just dropped my pan recently to do the trans fluid service and there where no steel balls rolling around in the pan if I am understanding you correctly. I suspect that ball belongs somewhere though I cannot help beyond that.

07-19-05, 12:51 PM
I put the L clamp on the filter, because the original mechanic did not and the filter worked its way out of the valve assembly.

The steel ball (1/8 inch dia.) fell from the valve assembly when I tilted it to remove more of the ATF. I observed that the The transaxel pressure switch assembly has two small plastic cups comming through the metal plate. The ball seems to fit there nicely. If that were the actual location, then I assume that I would need a second ball for the other cup as well and I did not find a second ball. I am still at a loss as to where it came from.

On a second note, can one of you kind folks please tell me what computer code/ button sequences I can press to manually engage the solenoids. I would like to make sure that they work before installing the pan. I have computer code descriptions, but no documentation on how to turn things "on" or "off".

Many thanks...

07-19-05, 02:35 PM
To manually engage the solenoids you should go to PCM outputs. If engine isn't running it will cycle. Let say you need to check solenoid A. You should turn computer on and get output PO10. When you got PO10 computer will flash Hi and Lo. You can see that with multimeter connected to solenoid A.

PO00 - no outputs
PO01 - Evaporate Emissions Control Solenoid
PO02 - TCC solenoid
PO03 - EGR solenoid
PO06 - AIR Pump (not used)
PO07 - ISC motor
PO08 - Cruise Vent Solenoid
PO09 - Cruise Vacuum Solenoid
PO10 - Transaxle Shift A Solenoid
PO11 - Transaxle Shift B Solenoid
PO20 - A/C Clutch Relay
PO21 - Transaxle Pressure Control Solenoid

07-27-05, 03:44 PM
Last saturday I drop pan and lower control plate, cause have a problem with transaxle (or something else) and didn't see any balls related to transaxle pressure switch. Check the manual, it should show all balls in there.