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07-19-05, 01:32 AM
Just got my latest two mods today - had the stock wheels chromed (very sweet on a black V) and had the B&B resonator exhaust installed. I am strutting around the house like my s*** don't stink! Should have seen my "just ate the neighbor's cat" grin driving back from the shop today - The B&B exhaust is superb sounding, with a mean growl, and gotta love those 4-1/2" tips. Just thought I'd share.

I pulled my wife into the garage to hear the "thunderous roar", with a silly s***-eating grin on my mug...I fired it up and gave her a few revs to 4500 -- and she gave me the patronizing "boys and their toys - very nice dear" line. Oh well, thought you other V-sters would appreciate the feeling. Thanks again for the live listen to the x-pipe, dgtal - I don't think I would have received the warm reception in the garage if I had gotten that one.:suspect:

Question for the techies - how long does the PCM take to "re-program" itself to the new exhaust? Is it something that I would notice or does it happen slowly over time? What exactly is going on there?

Now, I think I'm all done on mods for a while - maybe CAI and CAGS in the near future. Current list includes the basics:

- tint 20%/35% (from Danny's for Phx area drivers)
- hardwired radar plug (no more banged knuckles shifting to 3rd & 5th thanks to the faq's!) - BTW - the same wiring connection works for Bel Vector 995 as for the Valentine as per faq's - not sure if auto power-off is working - I keep forgetting to check, but I usually turn it off anyhow.
- V-emblem and CTS wreath custom mats from CarMotorSports
- Rear spoiler lip from SpoilerDepot
- Chromed Stock wheels (great choice if you like the stock wheels but looking for a little more bling!)
- B&B w/Resonator exhaust

Anyone know how to pump Sirius through the stock radio (not through FM modulator, but directly on the screen)... anyone try this?

Enough questions...:canttalk:

07-25-05, 12:25 PM
What did it cost you to chrome the wheels??

07-25-05, 06:46 PM
Post some pics!

07-26-05, 12:13 PM
Sorry, I've been away for a few days -

r1ruffryda - the chrome stock wheel/exchange were $1050 installed - plus $125 for road-force balancing - no more wheel shimmy between 60-70 mph. I bought them from a guy who does restoring of classic cars, and who has done about 5 exchanges in the Phoenix area for our wheels starting with his wife's cts-v. He keeps rotating the exchanges out to a chromer somewhere, so I didn't have to have my car out of service. Let me know if anyone wants his number.

I'll get some pics in a week or so - my wife has my camera on a cruise now.

07-26-05, 04:58 PM
yeah i would like his # please, how long of a turn around?????


Seattle CTS-V
07-26-05, 06:15 PM
Wow, $1050. I guess the dealership's offer of $750 wasn't a bad deal. Then again, your tires had to be switched too eh?

07-26-05, 08:34 PM
That seems a bit high just to chrome. I'll be powdercoating my wheels either black or dark gunmetal gray for $100 a wheel. They at least look good though I bet! :)

07-26-05, 09:10 PM
Question for the techies - how long does the PCM take to "re-program" itself to the new exhaust? Is it something that I would notice or does it happen slowly over time? What exactly is going on there?

For the PCM to readjust depends on many factors. A general rule of thumb is 50+ miles and a couple of driving "trips."

What is going on inside the LS6 powertrain control module (PCM) is the front oxygen (O2) sensors are providing feedback to the PCM on how rich or lean the fuel mixture is at various intake manifold pressures and rpms. This O2 sensor feedback is stored as short-term fuel trims (STFT) and long-term fuel trims (LTFT) and tells the PCM how much fuel it needs to add or subtract to achieve stoichiometric air-fuel (A:F) ratio.

The LTFTs are generally positive values in a V which means the PCM is adding X% of fuel to meet the desired A:F. Depending on the weather, gasoline, altitude, temperature, modifications, etc., the PCM will self-learn to a limit of 13% before tripping a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) for either too lean or too rich. The LTFTs are just that - long term and are slowly updated over time and is something one would have a hard time noticing.

Driving in steady state, any V with nearly any traditional bolt-on modification will be running at the perfect 14.7:1 stoichiometric A:F. The O2 sensor feedback and resulting LTFTs will make sure of that.

So if the STFTs and LTFTs make sure the A:F is right under steady state, why would anyone need a tune? The answer: since positive fuel trims are the norm, under wide-open-throttle (WOT) the PCM says "Ah, my stored factory maps are lean and under normal driving I've had to add fuel (from the + LTFTs) so I need to add fuel as well under WOT." Since the factory WOT fueling map is on the rich side for thermal management, extra fuel during WOT isn't helping the production of power to the ground. With a properly done tune, the LTFTs will be slightly negative so the PCM does not add extra fuel to the WOT mode; thus increasing power.

A "real" part-throttle tune (can't be done on a DynoJet with a few WOT pulls) will also take into account increased air flow as well as new air (a fluid just like water) path harmonics introduced by modifications such as cold air intakes, headers and exhaust. This fine tuning across the entire engine rpm and intake manifold pressure range increases the throttle response and as a side benefit, creates more perfect fueling maps which results in smaller and more accurate LTFTs which in turn leads to more accurate WOT fueling and power production.

Yes, my speciality in college was internal combustion engines - big stretch eh? :)

07-26-05, 09:18 PM

can i download your knowledge into my pcm (the one on top of my shoulders):)

07-26-05, 09:53 PM
No, but I just uploaded it to your LS6 PCM. :D

07-26-05, 11:57 PM
Nice summary StealthV - thanks. From my automotive pea-brain perspective, what I boil it down to is: "the PCM makes adjustments to the air/fuel mixture slowly over time, up to a 13% difference from the baseline, at which point a DTC will trip"...and on WOT, the mixture will be a little rich without a custom tune. Groovy.

BTW, for those looking into the chromes, I got mine from Scott Cawley / Scott's Auto Body in Chandler, AZ - number is 480-839-2410. I don't know if he would be interested in shipping the wheels out, but I suspect you could try. If you are in the Phoenix area, he can do the exchange for you when his next set of core wheels come back from the chromers (probably my exchange). He's working with B&B now to get a B&B exhaust fabrication for his (and other's) Dodge Magnum. An interesting point on the B&B resonator for the V, apparently B&B was fabricating them with some kind of a shield/support plate in the center section, and Scott has been removing them as an unnecessary component - he showed Billy, and apparently future versions of the system will come from B&B without this section as well after their conversation. Scott knows the car well, and did a great job on my exhaust & wheel exchange.

07-27-05, 12:03 AM
on your sirus question: Not possible to pump anything into the LCD screen that I know of... yet....