: Any word on the B&B header/Cat problem?

07-18-05, 10:04 PM
First post all so bear with me,
I put on the B&B header/Cat combo about a month ago to go with the rest of my mods (LPE CAI,Corsa cat back exhaust and Tune). After reading the post about several problems with the B&B cats I'm a bit concerned. Does anyone have an update as to what's going on? Have there been any new reports of Cats detaching or failure? Any news would be appreciated.

P.S. 372 rwhp, 354 torque after all mods:)

07-18-05, 11:00 PM
My CAT's detached, both sides. They're gone now and I'm glad to be rid of them. Billy Boat is aware of the problem as at least 3 V owners have experienced this. They are working with the CAT supplier regarding the failures and also with a new supplier for metal header gaskets. Anyone with BB headers will eventually need new gaskets if you don't already. I'm sure I could've had a new set of headers, but I really didn't care that the CAT's failed. Just an inconvenience for me.

Dead CATs = More Power :shhh:

07-19-05, 12:16 AM

I am aware of the issues a few customers have had with the hi-flow metal catalytic convertors. I can assure you I have had serious discussions with the vendor about these issues. Due to the fact I use this product on many other applications (even out of the same batch) and the fact I have had them on my car for almost a year, I do not think we have a problem with the cat itself. I have a Z-Industries tune on my car.

A little more information from those of you that have the product would be helpful. If you take your car to the track or plan on taking your car to the track and/or have a custom program for your computer, send me a PM with that information. If you have the mods but just use it as a daily driver, send me that info too.

As far as the gaskets go, we will have a metal/composite available soon. Just let me know if you need replacements.


Billy Boat
President, Billy Boat Performance Exhaust

07-19-05, 09:51 AM
I need all 4 gaskets,
and maybe you could check on my X-pipe order (ordered through ProDyno June 23...been a while)
Derek Urban

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07-19-05, 10:25 AM
Same as urbanski, need 4 new gaskets and I also ordered the x-pipe center section through Prodyno on 6/13/05..
Also while I am at it I pulled my exhaust down after I read that there was another failure with CVP33's cats and my drivers side was loose as well. Not blown apart, but loose from the can. They are now both gutted and cleaned..
A Bad batch of cats I would say as my car is running far from lean with no power adders..