: Intake Manifold Gasket Replacement

07-18-05, 09:58 PM
In case this was not seen over in the N* Tecnical Discussion I thought I'd post it here for safe keeping:

www.caddypics.741.com (http://www.caddypics.741.com)


01-06-08, 09:03 AM
Hey, I realize this is a really old thread - (2-1/2+ years), but I just wanted to say thanks!

I have a '98 Concours with 119k miles that I have owned since new. Admittedly, it's been an expensive pain in the arse to maintain over the years with many things going "south" frequently-brakes, shocks, exhaust, electrical, hub assy's, etc. But I just love the way the cae drives, and the interior cannot be duplicated by any new car on the market today (IMHO).

Anyway, at 10+ years old, I was being advised to junk/trade in this vehicle for any nickel I could get. Head gasket job was quoted to me at $3-$5k and would "never be the same" once they cracked her open. Well, I just replaced the intake manifold gaskets (myself) for a grand total cost of $70 including the degreaser fluid and the car runs like new! And I'm keeping her for hopefully a few more thousand miles.

Thanks Raze!