: Access to PM

02-21-14, 01:42 AM
How do you send a private message to someone who is not on line at the moment?

02-21-14, 02:17 AM
No difference weather they're online or offline. They'll see the message next time they log in, as well as get an email notification.

02-21-14, 11:05 PM
That is if they have email notifications turned on for PMs. Which I think it is enabled from the start.

Nevertheless, on line or not. You still PM the same way.


02-22-14, 09:04 AM
All those preferences can be set/changed by using the Profile/Settings tabs.

MANY new members fail to use the registration guidelines to use the ability to personalize their profiles, with the result that many are "born" in January of 1940 (default), use London (GMT) as their time zone (default), open the Forums with oldest threads shown first (default), no e-mail or PM preferences, and so on and so forth. Age, Cadillac owned, and approximate location are also big helps in diagnosis and advice. "On the way to work" is a bit much for location, though.

An interesting fact - This car site has about 30,000 "members" awaiting e-mail confirmation - from as far back as 2003 - because their address tripped the site spam filters and they never checked their spam boxes for a reply from CF. This class of member cannot log in and post - they are in limbo forever. Some - not all - create another account that, for some reason, sails through and they become full members. Once in a while the site username filters pops up a "two names same computer" warning in the moderator forums and we do detective work to find out who's real and who to remove.

02-22-14, 10:00 PM
Ok. Thanks. I'm figuring all this out.