: Delivery Tomorrow

07-18-05, 03:51 PM
Hello all.

I have been reading this forum for a while, and now that I go tomorrow to pick-up my new V I feel I can now join in on the threads.

I already requested two extra keys and new hats for both my kids. Any more extras I should push for?

Any points to bring-up with the Service Manager during my "tour" of the dealership?

Alexandria, Virginia

07-18-05, 03:53 PM
Work out a deal for either the Corsa exhaust or the FG2 suspension. Both are offered through the Caddy dealer.

07-18-05, 03:56 PM
Thanks Mutlu. How much does the Corsa exhaust usually cost?

07-18-05, 04:01 PM
My corsa will be installed next week.... 1100 w/labor from dealer service but I have heard and seen better on this board.

07-18-05, 04:09 PM
Many 2005s are delivered to the dealers with alarm systems that are not activated and require a 1 minute activation with the dealer's handheld computer. Make sure that it is active before you leave the dealership.

I agree with the Corsa. It really should be the stock exhaust and make a huge contribution to your enjoyment of the car. The stock exhaust muffles both the sound and the feel of a screaming V-8 powerhouse.

It's a great car. Enjoy it and welcome to the forum!


07-18-05, 04:22 PM
Let me get this straight. You buy a car with an alarm system, and it is not activated? That seems bizarre!

Anything else?

07-18-05, 04:39 PM
There was new software developed after some cars were delivered. Many dealerships (the ones with service departments that are on the ball) took care of the programming as cars were delivered. Others seem clueless to the issue. The manual gives you the sequence to test the alarm. You might as well have your dealer check it as a part of the prep process.

If you do a search for "alarms" or "05 alarms" you should be able to pull up numerous threads that dealt with this issue. Who is your dealer?

07-18-05, 04:43 PM
Lindsay Cadillac in Alexandria, Virginia.

07-18-05, 05:27 PM
Inspect It Before You Take Delivery.

07-18-05, 05:44 PM
Good news. You have the best dealership in the area for V service and hi-po issues. I had my alarm activated there, my Corsa installed, and they helped me get my PCM to DTE for a custom tune. I have all my regular service performed there. You are in good hands.

07-18-05, 05:56 PM
My alarm was activated on delivery and I SERIOUSLY doubt the dealer did it ahead of time. fwiw. It's more likely, imo, that Cadillac fixed the problem.

07-18-05, 10:48 PM
Don't be offended by my asking but have you driven a car this powerful before?

Drive carefully. Wear narrow shoes. I carry driving shoes in my trunk just in case. Not much space between the pedals. The brake pedal has a "feature". The rubber cover has a tab on the side that I suppose is to prevent your right foot from submarining as you switch from gas to brake. (Of course if they had designed a better pedal alignment this would not have been necessary. No doubt they were catering to a comfort factor for the average driver.) Consider an Ultimate Pedals upgrade, especially if you plan heel-and-toe downshifts. (See adverts side-bar on this page.)

My experience was, when fresh off the floor, the tires were slick until that sheen was off and the shocks were so tight that sharp throttle inputs and uneven or painted sufaces (like cross walks) made for squirrely steering. The tires took care of themselves quickly, but it took several hundred miles before the shocks mellowed. Hence the caution about the pedals. Stab the wrong one when new and you can be in deep kimchee in a nano second. Once everything stabilizes you'll find you have a supercar at a bargain price. ENJOY!

07-18-05, 11:01 PM
Special shoes.......?

07-18-05, 11:43 PM
I think he's talking about driving shoes. These are usually a lot more narrow than normal shoes with a very thin sole. Have a couple pair myself for when I go to the track or canyon carving.

A couple of manufacturers that make them: Puma, Addidas and my personal favorite Tsubo, ultra comfortable!!!

07-19-05, 12:29 AM
David - Congratulations! I'm a new member from N. VA and have been lurking around Lindsey's for quite some time looking at the new Caddies. Which V did you get ... the black one? Would it be kosher to ask how much you paid? I'm in the market, but haven't quite yet convinced myself to pull the trigger.

07-19-05, 01:47 AM
Pull da trigger. Pull da trigger!!

07-19-05, 07:54 PM
DAMN! If the grocery store stays open until midnight, I can make at least 10-12 runs....this V-thing is addicting.

07-19-05, 08:01 PM
Wait until you get bit by the "modification bug".:canttalk:

07-19-05, 08:08 PM
Actually...I started ordering stuff last night.

First the CAGS plug-in. Then...heck, payday is only 10 days away.:yup:

07-19-05, 08:27 PM
StealthV's red fuel rail covers were my first mod and I'd do it again and again. I love looking at the engine now...its BALLS. It says Corvette and you can see the intake manifold. The real special deal with the car is the handling, as not many 4doors can carve like the V, especially with the FG2s. Good luck, you'll love it.
Ve good,

07-20-05, 03:02 AM
If I remember the sign that hangs over the enterance of hell says "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enters....."

Your hooked/doomed.

Welcome to the board.

07-20-05, 06:42 AM
Actually...I started ordering stuff last night.

First the CAGS plug-in. Then...heck, payday is only 10 days away.:yup:

!CAGS should be the first mod! I went with B&B over the corsa. Then of corse the maggie (I have not gone there yet, but fight the devil every day).

I would cheeck with the dealer to have all the TSB done before you take delievery (You can search TSB on the forums for the list of them or check the Cadillaf FAQ)

Congrats on your new V and welcome.

07-20-05, 08:01 AM
My alarm was activated on delivery and I SERIOUSLY doubt the dealer did it ahead of time. fwiw. It's more likely, imo, that Cadillac fixed the problem.

Rob-what does "fwiw" mean? Why don't you type in English? Just what is your problem, anyway? Is it a rare form of self-deprecation brought on by having made the mistake of buying the slow color? The people want to know!:coolgleam