View Full Version : Caddy Race Team Infineon Results

07-18-05, 03:15 PM
The weight and restrictor hurt--and so did some accidents.

Caddys qualified 7th, 8th, and 14th.

Caddys finished 8th (Pilgrim), 20th (Angelelli) and 21st (Papas) in the race.

Caddy still leads manufacturers point race with 42, followed by Porsche (38), Dodge (28) and Chevy (22).

Andy Pilgrim still leads the drivers standings with Tommy Archer 9 points back.

07-18-05, 05:34 PM
Now, will they still have to run these stupid restrictor plates and the extra 200lbs?
What a joke!

07-18-05, 05:43 PM
That's a 250 pound penalty for the Cadillacs prior to the race. The SCCA will do what it needs to, to ensure the Porsche wins the championship....just like the Audis last year.:rant2:

Dave's V
07-18-05, 06:51 PM
Archer got fined and lost some points for running into Pilgrim. Caddys should be lighter now. Porshes should weigh as much as the stock VR now.