View Full Version : XM radio and customer service....

07-18-05, 08:26 AM
I had bought a 2 year plan with XM when I got my 03 truck. When I traded in my 03 to buy my 05 I still had 2 full months left on my plan so I called them to have my 2 months transfered over to the new truck and since I had a 3 month free offer that would have given me 5 months. Well it doesn't work that way. Even though I paid for my plan in full in 03 (which they had my money now for 2 years) they will not honor that. They told me I had to either continue my contract with the new truck or cancel that and receive the free 3 months free but I couldn't have both. Well when I bought the old contract it was 179.00 for 2 years a good deal when now it's more like 279.00 for two years. I'm pissed because now they only want to credit my charge for 14.00 instead of 2 months. All I wanted was for them to add the 2 months to the back end of my free 3 months. Onstar did this with no problem. I paid my onstar a year in advance and when I got my new truck I just asked them to apply the remaining time to the back end of my free 1 year D&C they told me no problem. Has anyone gone through this? Sami