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11-09-03, 05:38 PM
Since I own my 93 Eldorado Northstar the car runs in "Service engine soon" mode. It has a rough idle and poor performance, especially acceleration. The exhaust has a bad fuel smell and gas consumption is much too high. I read out codes and erased them several times. The "history" codes change from time to time, but the "current" codes are always present. Itīs "PO 80" (fuel system rich) and since some time also "PO 83" (Crankshaft to Ignition Module Failure) I changed spark plugs, plug wires, oxygen sensors, EGR and PCV valve as I thought it would be good anyway as the car has 200 K now, but nothing changed. I donīt know what to do anymore. Where is the Crankshaft to Ignition Module and how can I check/ change it? As acceleration is really bad and the car blows out clouds of unburnt fuel under hard acceleration I think the ignition doesnīt advance in "SES" mode. I love that car, but that really drives me mad. Please help!!!

11-09-03, 07:00 PM
I bet its an injector issue..... My bet is one cylinder isnt firing......

Start unplugging wires one by one and see which cylinder doesnt change the engine speed......

Crankshaft to ignition module would probably be related to the crank position sensor...... My guess, as Im not totally sure......

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11-10-03, 06:49 AM
Thanks. Where is the crank positon sensor located? Can I change it without pulling the engine out? I will try to check the injectors. I think there is a way to switch the injectors off one by one in the diagnostic mode, but I donīt know the procedure. That would be a more precise method to find the bad injector of there is one.

11-10-03, 09:12 AM
Yes.... I dont know if there is a procedure, but im sure you could do it....... Even easier you could just unplug each injector connector......

Even easier, the dealer will have a TECHII (diagnostic computer for OBDI) and they can do a test that will tell which injector is the problem..... For the Q45, its called a POWER BALANCE TEST, and it individually shuts off each cylinder and then reports the RPM loss......

I dont think pulling plug wires would be more/less accurate than doing the above test......

You can get to the CPS without pulling the engine, but its exact location im not sure of!!! Sorry..... :(

11-13-03, 09:55 PM
Thanks. I tried the method of removing the injector plugs some weeks ago. To do this I had to remove the magnesium engine cover. under the the cover was a big warning not to run the engine without cover, which I ignored of course. After starting the engine it revved up and suddenly the engine catched fire. I could extinguish it after some seconds so no damage occured but it kept me from trying again. :eek:

11-13-03, 10:12 PM
Well based on that, the engine should have revved up but caught fire? That alone kinda points to an injector putting out too much fuel when it's not supposed to, leading to a build up of fuel vapor which is flammable, as you saw a demonstration of.

11-14-03, 12:57 AM
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