View Full Version : Need help understanding a code

11-09-03, 04:21 PM
I am getting the service engine light and I ran through the codes while running and it gacve me a Current PO36 which I understand is "EGR Valve pintle position out of range. I dont understand what that means, if anyone can clue me in and tell me what I need to do to fix it I would be grateful.

I also am getting a P016 Which says its "Voltage out of range [ALL SOL]" What does that mean? whats the fix?

And last is I am getting a P109 and P110 I can not find a a meaning on those...anyone know?

Thanks guys

11-09-03, 07:03 PM
EGR valve thing-- I bet the EGR sensor is messed up.. <assuming the system works the same way I think it does>, there is a sensor that detects what the EGR is doing, so the computer can control it......

Voltage out of range..... Sorry, i cant help you there, but I think its a charging system fault, meaning a weak battery or a bad alternator..... Take it out to the nearest auto store (autozone, advance, etc) and they'll do a free battery/charging system test......