: 300z mod kill

07-17-05, 12:03 AM
I was starting to question my decision to mod out my v. The cabin noise.... the high strung nature of my new ride? I was beginning to miss my plush ride and on top of that I have been driving it slower. The sound(man it's loud with the headers and performance cats) makes me feel like I'm red lining it at 4k. I keep seeing the coppers and looking at my speedo only to see that I'm doing the speed limit.

OK. Enough of that. I am leaving dinner tonight with my wife and I see this 300z trying to get to me.... desperately. He managed to find a hole and blow past me. I here his headers and can see his modded stainless. He slows as to not lose me. My wife even goes "that guy has done something to that car, what does he want to race you"?

I know it's only a 300 but I know it's decked and around here 300 owners are pushing the limits on tuning. I have no idea what he is running other than it sounds like he has headers. We'll so do I.

I usually don't take the bait when my wife is with me but I haven't really seen what this car can do since I added the aluminum flywheel and exhaust. I was in 4th at 2-3k. He slowed and pulled beside me. I could tell he was geared down ready to go. He wouldn't look at me but I new what he wanted. I dropped to third and my wheels howled ( I didn't know I could do that in third). Supprisingly my traction control didn't kick in. TC seems to have a mind of its own in my V. Anyway, I tore off briefly as we came to a light. I gave the guy a peace sign finally forcing him to look my way. It's all in fun man. I got a grin out of him before my wife made me hit our exit. This guy had no intention of really going for it after I pulled off of him like that.

Cheap kill, I know but man was it a revelation. I love my new noisier, hopped up ride. Big grins.. the v rules.

Seattle CTS-V
07-17-05, 02:01 AM
Good run. Be careful though. A well-modded twin-turbo 300Z is no joke.

07-17-05, 09:16 AM
That was my first thought when I saw him coming up on me. Turbo. I figure if I get wasted a few times it will cement my determination to plunk down the change for a maggie.

07-17-05, 10:29 PM
A friend of mine had his 300Z up in the 550hp range and he decided to get rid of it years ago as the ricer trend started, mostly to avoid the image. I can't imagine what they can do with them now, so don't be surprised if one hands you your a$$. Always fun to play, win or lose, in my opinion, because if they spend the $$$ to make their ol' rice rocket beat you, I guess they better actually DO it. lol Nice kill for the fun of it!! :sneaky: