View Full Version : Two holes in interior trunk liner

07-16-05, 04:42 PM
Guys, does anyone know what the two holes in the trunck liner are for - they are two small (1/4 inch) verticle holes a few inches apart on the passenger side in the quarter panel/wheel well area? Should there be something there? Thanks.

07-16-05, 05:20 PM
i believe (there was an old thread) that these are for the Euro exported cars...they get a first aid kit strapped there.

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07-16-05, 11:33 PM
Yep, thats right where my wifes Lexus has one. Guess Cadillac figures we don't need first aid here in the states.

07-17-05, 01:24 AM
or your can buy a first aid kit from target for $13 and do it yourself. The mini bungies are $3.99 I think from target as well


Small, sweet, inexpensive mod so you can feel like a european if you want too... Tight leather pants and shiny club shirt is optional (no offense to an europeans reading)

You never know, you might use it someday.


07-17-05, 09:10 AM
Thanks, Reed. Given the minimal interior storage, this makes sense.

07-17-05, 09:57 PM
The leather pant wearing ones are usually the Italians.

So no offense taken...hehehehhe