: taking off oil pan?

07-16-05, 06:53 AM
is it possible to take the oil pan off with the engine in the car??....I thought i read somewhere that you have to take the engine out to do so. the reason for this is because stupid me dropped one of the timing chain tensioner bolts down in there. I'm retarded~!..lol:banghead:

07-16-05, 10:30 PM
I am pretty sure you may be able to take the oil pan off without lifting the entire engine. Why don't you just get uner the car and check for yourself ? ;)

07-17-05, 11:16 PM
No, you cannot take the oil pan off of a Northstar with the engine in the car.

Relax....you are not the only person to have done this....LOL

Go to Cadillac and get another cam chain tensioner bolt and let the one in the pan go along for the ride. It won't hurt anything...as long as it fell all the say down in the pan it will stay there fine. There isn't anything for the bolt to get caught up in or anything...it will just go along for the ride and will never rust.

When the engines are assembled in the engine plant there is a plastic guard slipped over that cavity while the timing chains are being assembled to keep any stray fasteners out of the pan if something is dropped. Stuff a shop rag in there as you continue to keep more bolts out of there...just remember to remove it when done.