: Spy in Magnuson R&D!

07-16-05, 02:46 AM
I dropped in today to pick up some goodies (powder coated strut tower bar, CARB sticker, SuperChips tuner) and saw some of the stuff going on in R&D. Of course I can't tell you what they were working on; that would be wrong! All I can say is, watch out for that next Mustang GT or GTO that you pull up next to at the stop light...

If you're ever in Ventura, it's worth stopping by Magnuson just to see Jerry Magnuson's toys in the lobby. A 55 (56?) Vette, a blown 32 Ford roadster, and a SERIOUS sleeper LS2-powered 57 Chevy Bel Aire sitting on a C4 chassis. The most amazing thing about the Chevy is that the electric dash clock actually works.

BTW: The folks that brought you the V Maggie kit are a class act, in case you hadn't noticed. Great customer service!