: Two girls + 35th Anniversary Camaro SS = ?

07-16-05, 02:31 AM
Was coming home from Ventura on I-210 in the #2 lane in heavy traffic when I pass a red SS with white stripes in the #1 lane. A blonde is driving, and after I go by I see her pointing at the back of my car and talking to her brunette friend. First I thought they were trying to figure out the license plate ("Lawyer?"), then the traffic shifts and they go by slowly on my left, and I see the blonde pointing down towards my left side "V" badge (totally ignoring the good-looking male specimen driving, I might add).

So we go back and forth like that for a while at slow & go speeds. I lose track of her. Then the traffic starts to open up and I start jockeying to the right to get onto the 57 freeway, doing a few mid-speed runs to get around slow moving clots of trucks and such. Glancing at the rear view, I see the SS coming on hard behind me. As I keep moving right, she comes along side and slows down, then goes again. Alas, I'm tired after a long day of chores & driving, and continue on into the 57 exit-only lanes. Anyway, I see brake lights in her future a little further up the 210.

Oh, for what might have been. Was she driving a stock LS1, or maybe a little something extra? You always remember the ones you didn't nail, don't you?

07-16-05, 06:10 AM
for some reason, hotties drive camaros... Its true.. Jeeps and Cabriolets too..


07-16-05, 10:32 AM
I remember them all.....but I'm sure they have quickly forgotten me :(

07-16-05, 11:29 PM
Hey Law, that was my ex-wife and her friend. No way would she stay up with (the car) you. she knows what a Black one can do. She has no idea what you got (under your hood). Have fun.....

07-17-05, 12:01 AM
Heh. I'd make some sort of comment, but I don't know you well enough yet to be sure that it WASN'T your ex!