: US Speed, Stealth V = Great Service

07-15-05, 11:41 PM
Just wanted to give a shout out to two vendors who provide really great service. Ordered the !CAGS Eliminator from Stealth V on a Monday and had it in my paws on Thursday and they send you emails at each step of the process so you always know what is going on and when the product will ship. Got the embroidered CTS-V Mats from US Speed (beautiful mats of excellent quality) but had a defective mat holder. One email to the company and two days later an entire new set arrives. Thanks for the great service guys. :D

07-16-05, 02:03 AM
I've bought a couple of products from Rick, and will be buying one or possibly two more :devil: soon. Class act. Also, a regular suppository of good wrenching knowledge.

Uh... repository.