: Northstar questions: engine and tranny mounts

11-09-03, 12:35 AM
I'd like to know if a Northstar motor has a standardized transmission mounting pattern, so that any reasonably common transmission for a rear wheel drive application can be used with one. If so, which bolt pattern and what transmissions are recommended?

Also, what can you tell me about the engine mounts on a Northstar, compared to your standard small block Chevy motor, for example?

What I'm trying to do is figure out if there's any practical way to put a Northstar into an early 90's Camaro or Firebird. Or other cars, maybe. Ideally it'd bolt right up to the motor mounts and you could use most any Chevy RWD transmission that would be found on a smallblock, like a 700R4, for example, but I just don't know if this is possible.

I do know there'd be a lot of work to be done interfacing the engine control unit and wiring harness to the car gettting the motor. That can be worked out later, IF the mechanical aspects can be dealt with.


11-15-03, 09:35 PM
Check out chrfab.com

They have some info on RWD transmission setups.

IIRC from when I looked at the info, the bell housing bolt pattern is almost the same as the 2.8V6. There is one bolt about 1" out that needs to be altered. A 700R4 from a S10 (suitably beefed up during a rebuild) is the trans of choice.

Dreaming of this swap for my S10 as well...