: Overheating: correct diagnostics

07-15-05, 05:31 PM
Overheating is a constant topic and responding gets pretty repetitive. Then if you leave anything out you get treated like a bad guy.

Let's get a procedure written up for the tech section and new members can refer to it without a bunch of typing by the rest of us (I'm basically lazy!).

I don't mind typing up the final version for the tech section, or anyone else can if they want, but I'm looking for a consensus of what to put in it.

Bbob, give me the OK to use some of your posts (direct copy of your info). I'll give anyone credit if they want it or I'll start it by saying it is a product of many members, not just me.

07-16-05, 09:14 AM
That would be very helpful. Great idea .

07-17-05, 11:19 PM
Fine with me. Good idea. Just remember that the Northstar and 4.1/4.5/4.9 engines are different so the comments posted todate need to be taken in the context of which engine was being discussed. Any procedure posted should reference which engine is being referred to.

07-19-05, 01:02 AM
I only intended to cover 4.6 but I'll make that clear. Thanks

07-19-05, 11:35 AM
Great idea! Same should be done for FPR, fuel injectors. I too am tired of typing the same thing over and over.

07-19-05, 02:20 PM
OK Ranger! You might want to done a couple of those.

07-19-05, 10:56 PM
If you are talking about theTechnical Archives, I don't know how to post there. I didn't think we could.

07-20-05, 11:32 AM
Oh, "Tech Tips" Duh. OK, Ill put a couple in.

Eldorado Pimp
09-05-05, 11:57 AM
Hello Ranger my question is how can you tell if a water pump is bad if it`s not leaking?

Eldorado Pimp
09-05-05, 11:59 AM
My next question is what will happen if the supplement tablets aren`t added?

09-05-05, 12:31 PM
Yeah, about the only thing to go bad on a water pump is the seal, then it will leak. If it ain't leaking, it's fine, unless the shaft where to break and the impeller stopped spinning. Very unlikely.

Suppliments are added to prevent niusance leaks from porous castings and imperfect gasket mating surfaces. If you don't use them, you may find a minor seepage somewhere. They are just a precaustion on the Northstar but mandatory on the 4.1, 4.5 & 4.9 as a porous casting could leak into the oil which is not possible on the 4.6 due to it's design.