View Full Version : N* Power Steering Pump Pressurizing

El Dobro
07-15-05, 10:19 AM
The P/S Pump on my '98 Seville pops when I remove the cap. Is it suppose to be vented? If so, is the cap or the neck vented? The dealer damaged the old pump when they installed my engine. The dealership is now closed.

07-17-05, 11:45 PM
I've noticed that on some of the pumps. Seems normal. I actually think it is a little vacuum from the system cooling down.

El Dobro
07-20-05, 11:38 AM
It pops off from pressure, like the vent's clogged. I was wondering if they're vented to the atmosphere or if something is made wrong. I've never had one pop like this thing does.