: Engine Compatability

11-08-03, 04:26 PM
Can anyone tell me what type of problems I will experience trying to swap a '97 Deville northstar with a 4.9 into a '94 Deville Concours which currently has a 4.6 L engine?

11-08-03, 04:40 PM
The 97 DeVille had the 4.6L Northstar. The 94 DeVille Concourse had the 4.6L Northstar. Where's this 4.9 number coming from?

11-08-03, 08:21 PM
my car(the '94) has a 4.6L engine and the engine that I want to put in my car is a '97 4.9L northstar.

11-08-03, 08:39 PM
me thinks something stinks in denmark ...jjhomer needs to step in and clarify

Night Wolf
11-09-03, 07:56 PM
LOL, this is great....

..... I got bored today, tore apart my whole engine, piece by piece, bought hot rod parts for it and souped it up, but in the middle of this all, I found out my 4.9 has 32valves..... it is actually a rare 4.9 NorthStar...

....damn this person needs to troll another stie, how many names are they gonna make with this and keep messing around with the 4.9 NorthStar stuff.....