: Cargo Management System "Odor"

07-13-05, 08:02 PM
New 2005 SRX V6 AWD. Noticed the material installed on the rear-most (vehicle jack location) cargo hatch cover (inner side) produces a very strong odor remenicent of something "burning". Seems to get worse as that compartment's temperature increases. Not sure what was used to bond the noise dampening material to the hatch lid. Dealer actually agreed (wow:bonkers: ) the odor was overpowering when the lid is open. The vehicle is in my possession only 1 day. Is this a common occurance? Can I expect this situation to improve as material is allowed to "weather" with time? Thanks for your help.

The Tony Show
07-15-05, 10:21 PM
I've noticed a comparable smell in some 05 CTSs, which is odd because they smell very different from 03 and 04. I think it may have to do witha different carpet adhesive or material (they did change the rear package shelf carpet, so that could be it). It goes away over time.

07-15-05, 11:48 PM

john d
07-16-05, 02:37 AM
TO TONY ORLANDO - Tony come over to the 0-60 thread and share your knowledge with us as to how we reflashed victims might get our performance back to where we were before GM cut our power off. Thanks, hope to see you there. johnd