: KB's New 2.4L Twin Screw for the LS1 Dyno Graphs

07-13-05, 07:46 PM
Copied this from svt performance.. Does this mean anything for ls6 owners?



Car had mods before the blower was installed. Baseline was of 380rwhp, so it had a blower cam, forged internal 347 I believe. Still had stock exhaust manifolds and stock C5 exhaust!!!!!!!!!! :idea:

The second dyno number RED shows the magnacharger that was initially on the car at 7.5psi.
Final dyno number GREEN is of the intercooled KB screw supercharger at the same 7.5psi.

You Cobra guys are not gonna be the only ones to have KB's under their hoods here soon!! :-D Since the motor was forged 7.5psi is awful low. I wonder how it would respond with some longtubes, catback @ 15psi?

07-13-05, 07:56 PM
Most anything that bolts to an LS1 will bolt to an LS6. Now if the pulleys line up and you can get the PCM flashed and if it fits under the hood is the real question.

BTW, Cool avatar. I had to look twice.:sneaky: