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07-13-05, 02:26 PM
http://images.autotrader.com/images/2005/5/11/182/564/1448854571.182564236.IM1.MAIN.565x421_A.562x421.jp g

What a beautiful color. Anybody know what its called, or even better, a paint code for it?

My 'Sclade is black and needs paint... I want to go this way with it! http://autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?car_id=182564236&dealer_id=1236324&car_year=2003&search_type=used&make=CAD&model=EXT&transmission=&distance=0&address=27030&make2=&advanced=y&certified=&max_mileage=&max_price=&min_price=&first_record=26&end_year=2006&color=BLUE&start_year=1998&drive=&color2=&isp=y&pager.offset=25&engine=&lang=&fuel=&doors=&cardist=2076

Let me know! Thanks guys.

07-13-05, 02:36 PM
out of da blue

is the color name

07-13-05, 03:37 PM
Yep, "Out of the Blue" and it was only available on '03 and '04 EXT's. It's the same color Chevy called "Arrival Blue" and used on a lot of their trucks and the Avalanche. After that, no more were made, and the only available blue got darker and was called "Blue Chip" which has now already been replaced by "Rip Tide Blue" which is, again, a Chevy color on trucks and SUV's also known as "Bermuda Blue."

07-13-05, 05:50 PM
the 04 did not have the "Out of the Blue" color option. it was only available for 03 not sure y they stopped it so soon cause i tried to get one but not available.

Spittin Game
07-13-05, 05:59 PM
I thought it was available in 02 also.

07-13-05, 07:05 PM
the 04 did not have the "Out of the Blue" color option. it was only available for 03 not sure y they stopped it so soon cause i tried to get one but not available.

Yes, 2004 did have it, but I think it was only for the very beginning of the model year. And no, 2002's did not.

Here's some for proof (all "Out of the Blue" 2004's):


And that's just the first 5 from Autotrader....

07-14-05, 01:36 AM
wow i just emailed those links to the caddy dealer who sold me mine Cause he told me "Ha dont we wish they made that in 04

Fast Eddie
07-14-05, 10:36 AM
Look at those prices, wow. The first one is $46k for a used '04, granted it has low miles, but man, I just bought a loaded '05 for $50k ($60 msrp). For an extra $4k go buy a new one.

07-14-05, 09:37 PM
The Lade's look really good in that color blue.

07-19-05, 10:39 AM
Look in a PPG paint book for the code.