: DIY - Ported Throttle Body

Texan V
07-13-05, 06:47 AM
Has anyone done this with their V yet? I've been reading alot about this on another popular GM forum and it seems to be quite popular. The consensus seems to be that this is good for 5 to 8 rwhp on a car with stock heads...

I'm going to port/polish mine within the next week or so and post so pics for those interested. I'll also be throwing on the headers, underdrive pulley and TPIS flywheel and getting a tune so hopefully I dyno much better than my previous 345.

07-13-05, 11:59 AM
Underdrive pulley? Does anyone have experience yet with one of these running our accessories? It's always been something I've been reticent to do on any car.

07-13-05, 12:05 PM
No way it gets you 5 to 8 rwhp. I'd say you'd be lucky to get 5 to 8 hp at the crank. It makes huge difference on motorcycles, but in cars, not so much. I got an SLP ported polished for my GTO, but I did it more for looks. If it got me a couple of hp I'd be fine with that.

If I got the sticker hp for all the mods on my GTO I'd have a 475hp car. It's more like a 400hp car.