: 1996 ESC 40K, Does Trans-fluid need changing?

07-12-05, 11:09 PM
I have a 1996 ESC with 40K miles on it. When I brought the car 3-months ago it had 38k on it. Somewhere on this forum I believe I saw posts that stated the trans fluid is suppose to last up to 100K. If this is true does my trans fluid need changing being 9 years old with a little over 3years worth of miles? I'm pretty sure the car has the original trans fluid, not to mention a oil express sticker on the window dated 10/31/04 that shows that after I drive the car another 200mls I will need to change the oil. I've been reading alot of the post on this forum and the cooling system is a very big topic in maintaining the N* engine not to mention this whole blown head gasket thing. The car run very well with no problems so might this be a case of if its not broke don't fix it or trans fluid this old should be changed a hell of alot sooner than 100K?


07-13-05, 12:24 AM
The trans fluid should be fine for 100K miles. I wouldn't worry about it unless you tow a lot or use the car in livery service in San Francisco.... If you have doubts then it is fairly easy to check the trans oil level using the fill cap/dipstick located on the top of the trans bellhousing area down under the throttle body/air cleaner inlet duct. Check the level with the engine idling in park , hot and on a level surface. Smell the oil and look at it. If it smells oily (not acrid and burnt) and looks nice and pink then it is fine. Most any normally driven 4T80E will easily go 100K miles on the OEM trans fluid.

Your engine was factory filled with DexCool coolant so it has very long life corrosion protection. Given the years and miles it is about due for a cooling sytem drain and refill with fresh DexCool/distilled water mixed 50/50 to restore the corrosion inhibitors in the cooling system. Just a drain and refresh is all that is required.

Use the onboard engine oil life monitor to tell you when to change the oil...not the quickie oil change sticker or recommendations. If the car is new to you, then get it changed ASAP so that you know what the maintenance interval was for sure, reset the oil life monitor in the driver information center and follow it for the recommended oil change.

07-13-05, 12:53 PM
Thanks Bbob for your quick reply. From all of the information I've read thus far you are indeed a very big plus to this forum, especially to guys like me who are DIYers and new to the N* engine. Thanks again.

07-13-05, 11:51 PM
Glad to help out where possible.