: New Stealth Tune.

07-12-05, 10:47 PM
Could not wait to put in the pcm ( all of 15 minutes) after UPS dropped it off.
Rick said Tuesday and here it is.:sneaky:
First of all, I have to say that Rick has been a real cool guy to do business with.:)
His products arrive when he says they will, resonably priced, and when CVP33 says his tune is no joke, I can vouch for that.
I'm just another happy customer, and being in business for myself, I know there is no better advertising than word of mouth!
He tuned the PCM a month ago, and after I fried another B&B Cat, I decided to gut both sides.
Rick offered FREE Retune.
I wanted the rear O2 sensors written out, Rev limiter raised to 7K, and i told him I added the LPE, and basically go Balls Out on the tune.
This friggin car is going to the Dyno this friday. The car feels amazing.
Prior to the tune the GSD3's were hooking up pretty nice and only giving a chirp in second, now I lay rubber in second for like 25 feet. SWEET!
Having the Rev limiter bumped to 7K, huge bonus for racing. I did a few test runs and only pulled to about 6800 in first, and shifted to second in about one second I was shifting into 3rd, and very shortly after I shifted to 4th at 100 mph. Man that came up fast. Before the tune redline in 3rd was 94mph.

This is a 12 second car now, I am very confident. I will have to practice a new launch. My old launch was perfect for the car prior to the tune. Now I am having trouble with wheel spin out of the hole. The tires just can't hold.
I need to practice feathering the clutch more and use less rpm's, but this engine wants to pull revs out the Ying Yang!
CVP33, I know what your feeling with cats and all. The car is way more powerful with no cats and a tune to match.More fun to drive too.
Anyone want to take a stab at RWHP/RWTQ?

Hats off to StealthV for a great tune, I could not be happier!:)

For the record I went out and found a Rustang to destroy and a GTI R32 to beat up on. I know it was no match for the V even in stock form, but that was all I could find. And i had to race something. :want:

07-12-05, 10:55 PM
Do you have any in-cabin drone running this setup? I am thinking of doing almost the same exact setup, but using the TPIS headers instead (with no cats between headers and x-pipe). BTW- Which StealthV tune are you using?

07-12-05, 11:09 PM
Careful running too many rpms - the power doesn't drop off much above 6000 as you've noticed, but valve spring, pushrod, piston ring, connecting rod, etc. lives do...I'll email you tonight on the secret surprise I included with the PCM. :shhh:

CVP, Urby and I all have the same basic tune as you Will; yours has just been tweaked a bit for no cats. :cheers:

Will is running a TrackPower tune - not that it means anything to anyone yet as the details haven't been released. Urby will have the first StealthPower tune on Thursday - now that is going to rock (two surprises). ;)

07-13-05, 01:29 AM

Quit holdin' out. Tell me what I need to buy...:crying: These dog days of summer have my V performing like a '78 Ford Granada even with the Corsa. Gimme some HP!

07-13-05, 01:41 AM
I am very intersted as well.

Could you give out a price and what to expect?

Thanks in advance.

I can't send PM because I am a new member I guess and I don't see an email address on your site.

You can email me at mike@stackedstyle.com

Dave's V
07-13-05, 05:38 AM
Due the to quality of Steath's products, I wish he could design a rear end for this car.

07-13-05, 07:16 AM
A rear end is quite easy - the time and money to do it is something I don't have.

07-13-05, 07:47 AM

Quit holdin' out. Tell me what I need to buy...:crying: These dog days of summer have my V performing like a '78 Ford Granada even with the Corsa. Gimme some HP!
back when i joined the forum.....the 04s were new and there was a frenzy around here about our cars. Every day we'd get another thread "When is Corsa coming", since Corsa was GM approved. Months drug on, heck one time a guy from Corsa replied that they wanted perfection before release. It may have irritated people waiting, but when it came out those patient folks were rewarded. Even with the delays there are still lingering issues........
StealthV isn't "holding out" on you guys, he's ensuring the most perfect product he can using a small group of testers. Those who want the best will wait, the impatient folks will move on. The man will let us know when he's ready. :worship:

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07-13-05, 09:03 AM
Rick, Great feature, I'll keep it under my hat untill you go public with it.:thumbsup:
For now, I want to go drive every gear to redline. :sneaky:
500hp V!:D

07-13-05, 09:05 AM
i just got a more performance tune. I think the car is faster. I went in with 325 to the ground and left with almost 340, It feels like it should. It deffinitly woke it up. leaner is meaner. Is that good with just a tune, 10-15 hp....the car is tuned to 400 hp. why only 340 to the ground with all my goodies.:hmm: I thought it would of been closer to 400. the guys said all lose 20%, by the time the power gets to the ground.

07-13-05, 09:07 AM
A few weeks ago Rick returned my PCM after doing an "UrbanPower" tune. I can also verify that my car feels quicker and sounds meaner at idle now. I have noticed that the car responds more quickly to throttle changes, and it runs cooler as well. The cold engine protection takes a little getting used to, but now that it is activated, I realize that I haven't been as kind to the car in the past as I should have been...