: fg2 from jason and specter bush. installed-look1

07-12-05, 08:42 PM
I got the "possible" fg2 shocks installed that i bought on ebay installed today, I believe they are legit as the road noise and harshness of ride IS greater! I cannot be to sure of the handling as i have been driving my lexus around for 2 days and i kind of ruined my feel for the V.... That being said it seems to be flatter in corners and more nimble.
The Specter bushings were installed and this is what i found; firstly i did a launch (easy one @ 2500-3000k feather) nothing but rubber and very slight hookup skip.... not really a hop like before (best i can describe it). What i did not like is the increased noise (about 50% louder). where i never heard a thing durring excelleration now i hear a whine or some type of drivetrain noise, the shifting clunk IS 200% worse -terrible racket now!!! Can't figure this out, mabe it is because i told the guy to torque the cradle to 180/140 and w/ the delrin bushings combined with the fg2's stiffer valve setting... it is to be expected?
I guess i will get used to it but it is not as "driver friendly" in a caddy way as before, so i'm not sure if i like that yet.
Overall, time will tell if it was worth the extra noise and ride degredation in trade for rubber strips and tighter cornering.
URBY: call me and come over to my place and drive my V- Like to hear your thoughts 215-1903

07-12-05, 09:02 PM
There should not be alot of difference in the driving profile of your vehicle before and after; it will feel stiffer on rough roads; The installer at the dealer told me that the only time you will note performance ability of these shocks is on competetion runs i.e aggressive cornering,s turns, and high speed runs.

07-12-05, 09:03 PM
I have experienced the same shifting clunk increase...it sucks but I'll live with it. I don't have any gear whine, though. Keep in mind, the FG2s are "track" shocks, ie. not for everyone. With suspensions, its very difficult to have your cake and eat it too...only VERY expensive systems come close. You now have a four door sports car, not a typical "Cadillac". Give it some time and even an autocross or two...you'll appreciate its abilities more. Imagine how I felt when I beat a BMW Z8 on an autox course....

You did the right thing...
Ve good,

07-12-05, 09:12 PM
so ace,

the shifting clunk is a byproduct of the fg2 or the specter bushings or both?

07-12-05, 09:34 PM

I can tell you I had zero gear wine before I did the full "undercar" BMR parts. I now have gear wine and the driveline clunk is far worse. I doubt it was from the FG2 shocks but I guess I will see if it gets worse once I get them on.. Not having the car hop like crazy is a trade off, so is making the car handle better.. You have to lose somewhere...lol

07-12-05, 09:42 PM
Yeah, the clunk came out of nowhere for me after the BMR was installed last year. You learn to live with it.

07-12-05, 10:40 PM
Ok put 50 more miles on the v tonight in some "twistys"....roads that is!

Man they rock too-:eek: this is the way i wanted the v to handle!!!!!!!!!
the small imperfections on the road are amplified but nowhere near the point of my '02 c5 w/z51... so "PERFECT" is my description.
the bushings....well if you want to drag and put rubber down their awesome for that but really i think the extra noise i get outweighs the positive on them, hell in 6th gear 60mph and wot i hear the gears more than the corsa exhaust!!!!! bummer:(


07-12-05, 11:39 PM
I believe the clunk to be a product of the bushings. As stated before, no whine for me here. You may have a problem, as the whine would not come from the bushings...perhaps a result of "testing"????

Even still, I don't drag race...not my thing. I like lateral G's and enjoy making drivers of "sports cars" realize that they need some modding between their ears.
The bushings should benefit the handling, as any movement from the cradle...from the stock bushings...should be eliminated. Also, when I autox, every run begins with a launch...I don't want to beat up my diff trying to get a good start or experience hop during corner exits. It is an area that needed attention from the start and should be addressed before ANY power mod or suspension mod. Locking-up the cradle is a VERY good thing for many reasons.

When the rare opportunity presents itself, as I don't seem to get much play from anyone, I still want the opportunity to launch properly. I recently read a MotorTrend article where the tester achieved a 4.7second 0-60mph run...after he learned how to deal with the stock hop. I believe that Cadillac's claim of 4.6 is real, but the cradle needs to be cranked down. This is the first car I've had that can also break loose going into 2nd gear, and when stock it banged....not a good thing.

Again, you've done the mods that help the V become what it should be, what it was made to be....a seriously adept sports sedan that can carve a corner better than a four-door has any right to do. It doesn't hurt that the motor is a beast, but the V was born to turn. Welcome to the club....

Ve good,

07-13-05, 02:48 AM

as far as driving goes i probably baby my V more than most on this forum (being aware of rear end issues before i bought my '05). as far as testing i heard this noise right out of the driveway of the shop that did the work today. the strange thing is is that prior to the install I heard practically zero noise from the rear (area) and I'm not even sure if the noise i hear is rear end "WHINE" as I have NO clue what a rear end WHINING sounds like :hide: But I think that since the cradle is now bolted to 180/140 and sits on the hard delrin it is at least transfering noise to the cabin. Question is; is the noise "Normal" or is it the rear end show signs of a problem to come?
tommorow i go to the dealer to have the wheels aligned from the shock swap and will have the V's rear end fluid swaped again (1st @ 1k / 2nd @ now=5k)
thanks for your help guys

07-13-05, 07:53 AM
moldy i'll call you dude
i'm off today, but plan to hit Six Flags this PM.

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07-15-05, 02:22 PM
I bought the last set of FG2's from Jason on ebay (he seems to have yet another for sale there). They arrived today and look very legit. They're not pull offs, the threads are fresh cut. I don't have them installed yet. Not sure where he's getting them but they're a deal.

07-15-05, 08:07 PM
yeah they are!!!

had a full align done but the before after values were almost the same???
is it really nessesary to do a full alignment on all 4????
also the hunter print out said fe3 cts sport suspension:hmm:
don't we have fe4???????? and are the fg2 different as well???

07-15-05, 09:13 PM
Moldy -

There are some excellent alignment specs of the .faq.

I don't believe an alignment is necessary after install - everything goes right back where it came from and the front shock/strut doesn't adjust in any way at all that would affect alignment. Just my .02.

07-15-05, 09:20 PM

yeah based on th eprint out it look like it wasn't nessesary, but better safe than sorry:D

07-15-05, 10:00 PM
I pulled the specs from the FAQ a blend of race and street...gave the exact specs to the dealership.

07-16-05, 02:12 PM
OK, it's been a long week. Right now I'm just relaxing in a beach cottage just happy as all Hades that this week is over. I'm on the road to Indy tomorrow morning.

My V has been up in the air from Monday until yesterday morning. I installed the Specter bushings, UUC shifter, tried on the B&B exhaust and had the local shop install the FG2 because I ran out of time/sanity. The flange stud had broken on the passenger side and the driver's side flange bolts were bowed outward so I couldn't get the lead pipe on. Not only that but the driver's side lead pipe did not fit all the way into the X-pipe. So the local shop had to finish that and the FG2 yesterday.

As for the results. First, let me say that the clunking was pretty bad with the BMR. I had never noticed the clunking until after it was installed. And the cradle bolts had been retightened numerous times. The Specter bushings may be noisier and cause more of a clunk than stock. However, the noise is much improved and the clunk, while there isn't as metallic(?!) as with the BMR. I was in a rush to get to the cottage last night and haven't tested any launches. For now, I'll let others speak on that and let you know my observations later.

As for the B&B, I like it. I knew that already, though. It's not as loud or intrusive as I thought it would be. And to finally turn heads is pretty empowering. You should've heard me driving across town with no exhaust behind the cats!! Heads turning from a 1/4 mile away, hehe. Honestly, my current gear whine is louder on the highway than the exhaust is. It's more around town, lazily moving along where the exhaust drone and volume level may get the most monotonous. I can understand the desire for the Corsa. I can as well for the B&B. My choice is still the B&B.

As for the FG2, I was worried when I first drove the car that I got duped. Not so. While I don't really notice tons of improvement in body roll, it is much quicker to rebound from heaves and divots in the road. I think it was much harder to tell because of the Dunlops and the softer ride they give. Anyway, I also mounted my Hoosiers to the Mille Miglias that the TireRack got to me in 2 days! They are awesome. I'll be on the track at Putnam Park next Wednesday, so I'll let you know how everything works together.

07-16-05, 04:38 PM
Big Jim, Your not too far from the Glen. Come check it out!
And Ace, Your right here in LI, minutes from me.. Enough with these parking lot runs, leave the lots to the ricers. Come out to Watkins Glen. Trust me you won't regret it. Your just teasing yourself in those parking lots. Pocono's is closer for us, and the long course is FAST!
Sorry for the Highjack!

07-16-05, 06:23 PM
No need for appologies, Will. I hear you and am very much on board with the track...I've run Pocono with my Ducati and imagine that the V will hold its own much better than the parking lot races I usually do. Incidentally, I have just returned from the BMW autox at the NassCol and am very happy with the results...I just need more tire...no way around it.

Please let me know when you are going to the track next, as I need to burn-off the rest of my stock rubber.

Ve good,

07-16-05, 10:04 PM
The specter bushings just lock up the cradle . The driveshaft, and differential are still floating in rubber. My impression is that there is a bit more road noise and a touch more volume on any gear whine as the cradle itself is no longer floating . I dont see how locking up the cradle can cause any clunk as its not part of the driveline directly. Just my take on it.

07-17-05, 12:09 AM
my specter bush. gave me clunk, a lot more than was there before plus much more audile gear noises. I'm still on the fence with these things, i just might take them off. we'll see


09-14-05, 03:58 PM
moldowan- could you please put me in touch with the guy you bought the shocks "FG2" from ? talalhz@yahoo.com

09-14-05, 06:13 PM
The bushings have nothing to do with your whine.

The only way to transfer a non existent whine in the cabin is to lock the diff in place, a task the bushings cannot do.

I would suspect your diff is going out, so be prepared.

The BMR and my kit will add cabin noise as they limit pinion angle changes due to the locking of the nose of the diff.

As I have tried to state before, the suspension and the cradle are separate inasmuch the tasks they perform. The bushngs will only control the amount of movement the cradle has, therefore adding the "feel" of stiffening.

The suspension is separate in its function from the cradle, except the suspension is carried by the cradle.