View Full Version : Can I swap an 02 N*into my 98 STS?

07-12-05, 06:16 PM
:yup: Hi all,
I'm new to the forums, and have a 98 STS with a lower end knock. I found an 02 N* from a Deville, what do I have to change to put it in my 98? I know the 02 is a coil on plug setup, can I put my 98 coilpack on and use the 98 wiring harness? I have all the sensors etc, from the 98, so swapping that stuff is not a problem. Any thing else I need to be concerned with? They are both code Y engines.
Thanks in advance

07-15-05, 02:56 AM
Found a 99 at the same place and am going that route.