: Jim Coleman Cadillac (DC/MD Area)

07-12-05, 03:45 PM
I bought my car from Jim Coleman in 1997, kept going back during all the warranty period - thought they did a great job - then after warranty was up - found out that all they really do is replace parts - lots of parts - Case #1, car needed a new ac compressor ($950) - they said it also needed a new evaporator ($1300) - I said why - "because it leaks" - no said I just replace the compressor - two years later ac works fine, no leaks, no refills, etc - Case #2, car needed a new lower water hose - I noticed small leak and drove it to the dealer - they talked me into replacing all the hoses, and drive belt, etc (why not it was over 5 years old) Ok did the job for about $900 - one week later hose pops off car, loses all fluid - I get it towed to the nearest dealer (not Coleman) find out that the hose clamps are either missing or not tight on all connections, and the radiator has a small leak because of possible excessive forced used to make connections.

05-15-06, 08:27 AM
I have been going to Coleman Cadillac ever since I bought my car used. They have been pretty easy-going about replacing stuff under warranty, but I can definately see what the previous poster was talking about when he said all they do is replace parts.

I have had a little trouble with getting my service rep to call me for updates (whether car is ready or not, whether they found problems or not). I have been told by other reps that they usually call so maybe my case is a bit unique. I have also had trouble getting in to do a test drive with them. The "test drive guy" is always out sick, too busy, or not working that day.