: Track Day impressions

07-12-05, 01:37 PM
Spent yesterday at Thunderhill. Great day, pretty hot at 100degrees

Some quick thoughts on the CTS-V

1) Car is BONE STOCK. Nothing has been changed except the skip shift crap
2) Early production car - Jan 04 I think
3) Tires - 10K miles on the original tires

First off - looks like the car has never had the "fix" for the oil temp problem - within 2 laps warning chime was sounding and oil temp was indicating 340+. Water temps never went above 218 so I ignored the alarm - along with the tire pressure alarm after tire pressure went above 42psi. I think after clearing the alarms multiple times it just gives up ;-)

Second - car actaully handles pretty well - only real gripe is that in any quick sections - turns 3-4-5 for example - you have to wait for the car to un-wallow. In sweepers and other turns it was pretty neutral and very easy to throttle steer. Got to love 400hp.

Third - on hot slick greasy tires the car was much easier to drive with competitive driving mode versus everything off. I managed to have a nice agro moment later in the day when I took T1 fairly fast with the nanny off and the back end came around - multiple tank slaps later I was thinking about the detailing bill.

Averaged 6.1 mpg.

Brakes which I thought would be the weak point were excellent the whole day. Really pleased.

I got into the low 2:17s. Point of reference I run low 2:02s in the BMW race car. If I wasn't paranoid about bending a wheel or had I towed the car to the track I'm confident I could have shaved a few more seconds off the time. For a bone stock street car that weighs 1000K more car I was pretty damn impressed.



07-12-05, 02:15 PM
I'm scheduled to be at Thunderhill on Aug. 19th. I'm bringing my GTI like I always do but, I'm having second thoughts. I'm thinking of just bringing the V instead.:sneaky:

07-12-05, 04:50 PM
Some people have all the fun !!!

07-12-05, 08:50 PM
Nice write-up...good to hear you enjoyed yourself. Am I to assume that there aren't FG2 shocks on your V? The wallowing may be reduced with those...
I hope to track the car at Pocono or Limerock later this summer, I'll need to check the schedule. With fresh tires you should be able to do a little better. Please let us know of your future events.
Ve good,