: No. VA Great Falls Multi-Car Meet - July 16

07-12-05, 10:56 AM
I would've posted about this earlier, but I didn't figure there would be much interest around here. I apologize for the short notice to anyone who's interested in attending. My local D.C. area Grand Prix club (WDCCGP) is organizing a multi-car meet/picnic at Great Falls Park in No. VA this coming Saturday. I'll be there in my V, but there will be mostly Grand Prixs, some Mercury Cougars, and possibly some others. It would be great to meet some fellow V owners since I haven't had the opportunity to attend a V meet since I bought my car. As I said, sorry for the short notice, but please try to respond by the end of the day Wednesday 7/13 (tomorrow).

Here are the details:

The meet will be held in the parking lot and picnic area closest to the visitor's center. The parking lot tends to get rather full as the day goes on and there will not be a particular area cordoned off for the meet, but those that arrive in the morning should be able to congregate together fairly well. Those of us arriving early will try to "reserve" some parking spaces.

There is a $5 entrance fee (pass is good for 3 days) and we are charging $5 per person for food and drink. Just to keep things organized, WDCCGP members will be in charge of buying the food and drink and bringing it to the park. This year we're asking people to pay ahead of time so we can get an accurate headcount to determine how much food and drink to buy. The food will be typical barbecue stuff (hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, etc.) and various soft drinks and water will also be brought. If you'll be attending, please PayPal your food/drink fee to the address below and be sure to include your name, club affiliation, number of guests, and state that the money is for the WDCCGP Great Falls Meet. If you would like to pay on the day of the meet, that's fine, too - please e-mail the WDCCGP admin (Chew) at the address below to tell him that you'll be attending and just give him the money when you arrive.

When: Saturday July 16 @ 9am
Where: Great Falls Park (http://www.nps.gov/gwmp/grfa/index.htm (http://www.nps.gov/gwmp/grfa/index.htm))

- $5 park entrance per car (paid at entrance station)
- $5 per person to cover food/drink; PayPal money to WDCCGP admin at dvsman@dvsman.com (dvsman@dvsman.com); include name, club affiliation, number of guests, and state that the money is for the Great Falls Meet

Post here or e-mail me at rcstclair1@yahoo.com (rcstclair1@yahoo.com) if you have any questions.