: 00 Escalade stopped on freeway twice

07-12-05, 10:00 AM
My wife's Escalade stopped running two times last week while driving on the freeway. Nothing electrical worked-horn, lights, signals, instruments, nothing worked. The fuse panel, near the emergency brake pedal, was making an electrical pulse noise about two times per second. The whole panel pulsed. I disconnected the negative side of the battery then reconnected it and the pulsing noise stopped, but still nothing worked in the vehicle. I then disconnected the positive side and reconnected it and the vehicle started and everything worked. The dealer has been looking at what could be wrong, but has not found anything yet. Has anyone experienced this? Please help.
Thank you.

07-12-05, 10:18 AM
The clicking could be the sign of a relay on it's way out. Have them check the one for the starter.

07-12-05, 10:46 AM
It could be alot of things, I would check the grounds see if any are rotted out. Then go and check the relays for the starter check the solnoids for the starter and alternator. Hopefully that would help. Also check the battery terminals it could be a bad connection and change the battery.

07-19-05, 02:50 PM
i had this same funky issues i had a loose terminal on the battery. must have happened when i took it in for some work. the dealership must not have made the connection tight enough i guess. but im taking it in this week to make sure. not the first issues of its kind iv had this year thus far :hmm: Maybe its time to upgrade.

07-28-05, 12:43 AM
My 02 Escalade is in the shop now for the 3rd day...I could be going to start my car and i would get absolutley nothing..not even emergency blinkers would work..5 min later i would go try and start it again and everything worked fine..

I also was driving down the road and my headlights and dash lights all cut off and i stalled out...Pushed it into a parking lot and it started back up 10 minutes later...

Its now in the shop for the second time..First time they said they replaced a battery connection thing..This time they are still trying to figure it out

07-28-05, 10:14 AM
The dealer replaced the ignition switch about two weeks ago. So far it has been running ok. They also cleaned and tightened the engine grounds and tightened engine/battery power connections. Sorry I didn't get back with the results sooner. I was waiting to see what would happen. So far, so good. We are going to Las Vegas next week and I'm not going to push my luck with a long trip like that in tht heat (110+), yet. Will take my 02 DTS. Anyway, I do think it was the ignition swithch that caused the problem. The dealer was great, they kept after it. Will post an update later.