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07-10-05, 12:09 PM
Looking to take my V to a new level of shine....

First, I have NEVER used anything but my hands to wax a car. I noticed most recomment the Porter Cable 7424.....It's about 120.00....

Question for the experts....why not the 35.00 version that sears sells....is there really a big difference? I'm only using it on my V once or twice a year....

Not that I'm against spending money....I own a V.....just making sure its a wise buy...Thanks!

07-10-05, 08:04 PM
I have tried every low cost polisher I could find at some point or another,, and i have to say the Porter Cable is well worth the money. It has a lot more torque than the others so you can push down on it in the begining when you start polishing and lighten up the pressure as you work the paint,, the cheap ones wont let you do this, Keep in mind i have not used the Porter cable on the V yet as i have had no need to polish i have only clayed it and waxed it, I think waxing is best done by hand. IMHO

And keep in mind those machines are only for APPLYING polish and wax,, you still have to take it off by hand,,,, griots sells some pads for wax removal for teh Porter Cable .. but i have heard no reports from users.

When i had some concours British cars i built to show,, i never polished them nor waxed them as they were garage and trailer queens,, only 3M hand glaze.

St Louis

07-10-05, 10:53 PM
I posted this a while back on the detailing forum. Don't know what I did before I bought the PC unit. The thread had to do with bringing back a neglected finish and someone looking at getting a rotary iirc. I'd use either the 3-step or the separate three products desribed below. Happy reading...

Hand applied products can do a good job, but don't expect miracles on an oxidized finish with product out of one bottle. Never use dishwashing liquid to clean your car as it does a great job of stripping the finish and streaking glass if not completely removed, car wash soaps are relatively cheap and will last a long time.

Start off with a clay bar (about $10-$15) on a very clean, just washed car. I have had very good results with the 3-step process from Meguiar's; Step 1 cleaner, step 2 polish, and step 3 wax, about $5 or $6 for each bottle. Use a new applicator pad for each step ($2 for 3), and buff off using microfiber towels (again new one for each step). They are relatively cheap and you can get a 6-pack for about $6 at Wal-Mart, they can be washed and re-used over and over again. Don't use terry cloth, rags, old t-shirts, etc as these can be pretty harsh on your finish.

I recently stepped it up a notch and bought a Porter Cable dual action sander polisher from Lowes, the same unit here from Classic Motoring Accessories.


When used with a velcro backing plate and a a variety of pads you can get pretty serious results without the risk of damaging your paint.


I use the yellow pad with Meguiar's #9 swirl remover, the white pad with Maguiar's #7 Show Car Glaze, and the black pad with Maguiar's #26 wax.

This level of cleaning will run around $200 and does a much better job than hand applied products in about 1/2 the time.

I have had black cars for the past 12 years and they always looked showroom new, without spiderwebs and swirls in the finish. I have seen some pretty serious damage with "professionals" using a rotary, the polishes wash off in a couple weeks and the finish looks horrible (also have seen some stunning work in the hands of those truly experienced using rotaries).

07-11-05, 01:23 AM
I bought the Porter Cable kit for $119. Then I bought just the polisher at Lowe's for $89. Now I can wax-on, wax-off without changing pads and bonnets.