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07-09-05, 03:17 PM
As a few of you know I had lowered my car a few months ago. The first thing that happened was I took my car to be washed (i'm lazy) and when the car came out it was draging a big plastic thing under the car. It was part of the undercarriage that is under the engine. The guys at the carwash were very sorry and said they would pay to have it fixed. The next day I'm driving and I can hear a noise from under the car and I think I have something from the road under it like trash or something. I pull of the highway to take a look and the brake duct work got stuck in the tire and it ripped it all out. This morning I go out in the garage and see that now the tire has rubbed the metal and has bent it out some. I love the way the car looks, but its going to be changed back this week and will be repaired. Has anybody else had any of these problems? Also the car does not want to go in 2nd gear very easy! Could this be my clutch going bad? I drive very hard and I only know one speed and that is wide open. The car just turned 13,000 miles, not bad for a 04.

07-09-05, 03:25 PM
I had my drivers' fender bowed out a little after I swapped to my 19's. I'm lowered on the Eibach kit. We pushed it back in, the rolled the fenders and now everything seems peachy.

I visit automated washes from time to time and never had the problem. It helps being friends of a friend where the attendants are more than willing to drive your car through the wash to make sure it won't be damaged. Otherwise, I wash it myself or have a good friend of mine who details do it for me.

The last few cars of mine have been hammered (very low) and I'm used to keeping an eye out for hazzards. I am guilty of being over-cautious, some could say. I generally have a foot or two in front of my car to a parking block or high curb. Much rather take up too much space than risk damaging the V.

17.8k miles and still climbin'!

07-09-05, 03:47 PM
Never ever run your car through the washing system. Always pay a couple more dollars and have them hand wash it. My car is not lowered but I still never let them run it through the "belt".

07-09-05, 04:03 PM
well I'm sure after the car wash gets my bill they will only do a hand wash for now. I just looked at my car again and wow it looks sooo good lowered. I really hate to raise this thing back up. Can anyone answer my question about my clutch? I did launch the car at about 3800 rpm a few days ago just playing around and once I stopped at the light it smelled but it smelled like it was the brakes. Could that have been my clutch? by the way the car had very little hop, just twice I think and the tires stuck very good and I took off like a rocket. Could not hear the tires if they spun much since my wife was screaming at me about the way I drive. The funny thing was I let her drive and a mustang GT was next to us a the light and a lady was driving and she took off fast and my wife said "oh hell no" and flew past her. It was funny to watch two ladies trying to race each other. I will add my wife can drive the V great and I had no idea she could drive that way. She made the tires bark all the way through the gears including forth.

07-09-05, 04:17 PM
Precisely why I feel the Eibach's are too low...there are other options, you know :D

07-09-05, 04:25 PM
please tell me what they are!

07-09-05, 07:02 PM
TXSilverV -

I'm speaking of the front strut mod, Nivomat mod, and mildly cut rear springs that I'm running: