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07-09-05, 07:15 AM
What can we do to the CTS-V, Without voiding the warranty???????????:banghead:

07-09-05, 09:59 AM
It's been brought up before, but what the heck...

Nothing really 'voids' your entire warranty per se. The Moss-Magnusson act states that the manufacturer must effectively 'prove' that your modifications caused the problem. The challenge is that if you are denied, you are then stuck with $$$ lawyer fees while you attempt to fight the good fight.

Cat-back exhaust is generally not an issue, particularly as GM resells Corsa anyhow. Some of the manufacturers are sensitive to performance intakes (CAI), as many of them use K&N filters whose oil has been blamed for fouling the MAF components.

I haven't heard of too many issues with headers, but any problems related to additional heat will be your problem. Computer flash? Hope nothing goes gravely wrong with the engine which can be blamed on a lean condition or whatever else.

You want a supercharger? Anything bad happening to the engine would not likely be covered, and the extra power dumped down the driveline gives them every reason to re-think transmission and differential problems.

Your question isn't specific to the V, but cars in general. If you're really into it, find a Caddy dealer and come to an understanding of what that particulra dealer finds acceptable... understanding that another dealer may not agree.

07-09-05, 10:09 AM
I would go and talk with the Service Manager at your dealership.

I went and talked with mine to see what he thought about everything and moding. The cool part right away was he knew who I was and said how he knew how I liked my mods.. That broke the ice and we began to talk for a while.. At the time I had the B&B Headers, high flow cats, and the B&B 3" resonator exhaust on, with a drop in K&N filter. He was fine with all of that and he asked if I was going to do a CAI and I said that I had planned on it, he was fine with that as-well. We got talking about the weak rearends and he had told me that they have had problems with them even in the regular CTS'.. He asked me about a Wheel hop kit.... (He seemed to be very knowledgable about these cars and what people were doing to them.) I said I have one on order and asked what he thought about them.. He said what ever helps the rear last longer he was fine with. So I asked him if my diff blew while I have the Wheel hop kit on do I have to take it all off before bringing in the car for warranty work?? He said nope you can leave it on... He said he was fine with the mods that we talked about, how many more that he wont mind is still a question I need to ask...lol
So, go get to know the guys at your dealership and find out how they feel about mods. What they will be ok with and what they will not be with. As long as you are straight with them they should atleast tell you what they will over look.. Some will over look a lot more mods than I have and some wont look over any.. It all depends if they are real car enthusiasts in my opinion, if they are they will tend to understand why you want to mod and give you some leeway..
Good luck..
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07-09-05, 11:31 AM
The short, clear, answer is park it. Dealer's find reasons to void warranties all the time - including driving habits.

Most, though, want repeat business and happy customers. My dealer has not mentioned a word to me on any of my mods...even though one of them was clearly the reason for a problem that was created - they fixed it.

Be kind, ask nicely, and be patient remembering that saying about catching more something or other with honey...and you'll probably be fine (I'm not awake yet). :confused: