: EXT Custom Sound System?

07-08-05, 10:38 AM
HEllo I'm new to the forum. I have an 02 EXT and I want to get some bass in my truck. I know JL AUDIO sells the midgate box but I need something better. I was thinking of getting a custom box for 2 JLAudio 10W6's. Does anyone have any pics of a similar install. Please post pics or links to were i could get something like this done. Im in So Cali.

07-09-05, 06:03 AM
i might get a new ext since my lade was stolen.so i wanna know too if there is a good box or idea for the ext

07-09-05, 10:14 AM
i'm building mine right now... i'll put up pictures as soon as i'm done.

07-18-05, 12:50 AM

07-19-05, 02:32 AM
Try JL Audio's Stealth Box